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At Christensen & Associates, we recognize that peace is essential to a happy and successful life. However, strife and contention can occur through the collision of individual wills and differing opinions, goals, personalities and perspectives. When litigation arises and offers a less desirable course of action, the assistance of a skilled and dedicated mediator can help end the conflict. Mediation can produce a mutually acceptable accord that restores peace to both sides and allows the parties to look back with satisfaction instead of lingering hostility and regret.

Attorneys often reach a point in protracted and expensive litigation when their client’s best interests require a good faith attempt to settle the dispute as fairly and quickly as possible. The need for greater communication, understanding and persuasion may stand in the way. At such times, a knowledgeable, objective and patient mediator with extensive experience and expertise in law and business (and marriage and family relations when necessary) can make the difference. Mediation can be the best option in a major dispute.

The mediation professionals at Christensen & Associates offer more than 30 years of broad legal and business experience involving complex, multi-million dollar litigation, civil trials, appellate advocacy, personal injury claims, contract drafting, interpretation and enforcement and negotiated settlements of all types of conflict involving individuals, businesses, marriages and families, insurance, real estate, construction, financial institutions, partnerships, state and federal government.